Sunday, July 10, 2011


yeay today i'm going back to rumah sewa. opss bukan seronok sebab besok nak keje, but i cant wait to see him. i have lotsa things to goss haha. yes i love gossiping with him ..or to him as he does not goss as much as i do. i think if he does, there's gotta be something wrong somewhere as i'm sure i'm the chick heeee :)

so before balik rasa nak singgah BB. tapi kalau singgah mesti banyak mall area BB tak bukak because of BERSIH demonstration semalam kan. n if he know, he won't give me to go alone.

btw, i've plan to private my blog. just for invited readers only. or maybe i should not tell more bout my personal in my own blog (huh?). hmm still thinking about this.

ok then, tatah!

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