Friday, July 8, 2011

i'm fairly happy with my life right now. the most upsetting thing is that i've gained weight. ini semua sebab praktikal. just sit bawah air cond setiap hari and mengantuk. pastu mula la lapar. makan time lunch habis sepinggan. and i failed to lose it cos of my crazy appetite -_- berat dah 46-47kg. benci betul. at this point i have not much to tell. hmm everything is doin pretty good lately. just wait for ombu to fetch me cos im going back to rawang after work. ok daaa. oopss btw, fiza. kek yang fiza rasa tadi sedap kan :p siap call lagi. mengaku jela. then i can teach u how to buat kek sesedap macam tu. wahahahahahaha :p tak payah guna telor k :p hahaha.

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